Jaargang2 / #22 / Week47 /

    The Tragically Hip - It's a good life...
    Spinvis - Voor ik vergeet
    Spinvis - In de staat van narcose
    H-band - Better dreams (live)
    The Tragically Hip - Silver jet
    The Tragically Hip - Nautical disaster (live)
    Stuurbaard Bakkebaard - Lied van de meeuwen
    Chet Baker - Autumn leaves
    The Cure - How beautiful you are
    Spinvis - Smalfilm
    H-band - New Amsterdam (live)
    Tindersticks - Rented rooms
    Steven Tin Tin Duffy - Kiss me (12i)
    Catatonia and Tom Jones - Baby it's cold outside
    Thin Lizzy - The boys are back in town

Spinvis > Mike Clark (4w)
Las Ketchup > Asereje (5w)
Beth Orton and Ryan Adams > Concrete sky (3w)
The Smiths > Heaven knows I'm miserable now (1w)
H-band > The loving (live) (1w)
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