Jaargang7 / #115 / Week23 / 04-06-07

    Marillion - A voice from the past
    Dream Theater - In the presence of enemies pt1
    Arctic Monkeys - The bad thing
    Bright Eyes - Four winds
    The Family Stand - The undiscovered country
    Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
    Marillion - The other half
    The Twilight Sad - I'm taking the train home
    Faithless - Insomnia (live)
    Moss - Me for you
    The Tragically Hip - Love (sic)
    Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
    Marillion - Toxic (live PZ)
    Do-The-Undo - My girl don't mind
    Nena - Vitamine

My Morning Jacket > Into the woods (14w)
Coparck > Thoughts you thought you could do without (7w)
Pop Levi > (A style called) Crying chic (4w)
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