Jaargang8 / #183 / Week29 / 13-07-09

    The Decemberists - The hazards of love (cd)
    The Decemberists - We both go down together
    Kyteman - Une seule fois
    Anouk - Three days in a row
    The Tragically Hip - The depression suite
    Porcupine Tree - Time flies
    Dream Theater - The best of times
    Elbow - Weather to fly (live PP09)
    Novastar - Wrong (live PP09)
    Arctic Monkeys - Crying lightning
    The Tragically Hip - The last recluse
    Roosbeef - Jongen gaat het leger in
    Bruce Springsteen - Point Blank
    Marillion - Hooks in you (live PZ)
    The Smiths - This charming man

The Cult > I assassin (11w)
Herbert Gronemeyer > Vollmond (live) (8w)
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